Jump for joy

You’ve probably heard the expression “jump for joy.” While it’s usually not literal for humans, it’s a pretty good description of someone’s emotional state when they’re very happy. To jump implies moving upward, and human happiness can definitely elevate our mood. But, despite the expression, real happiness in humans is exhibited by an inner calmness […]

How to stop a puppy from jumping on people

Jumping up on people When a puppy comes running up to us and jumps on us, we think, “She loves me, she is so happy to see me!” We feel special and chosen and cherished. And who doesn’t thrill to watch puppies jumping and leaping about in play? They are so carefree, so full of […]

How To Keep Your Puppy From Jumping On People

1 Extra Notes Jumping on people can be bothersome, embarrassing and, at times, even dangerous. Like many inappropriate behaviors, jumping up can be corrected—ideally, the sooner the better. Why Puppies Jump On You
 Puppies jump on people because they have been reinforced to do so. When they jump up, they get attention. However, they need […]

How to stop dog from jumping on guests

By Pawfessor Dion How can you tell if your dog is the pack leader? It’s simple: if your dog jumps on you when you arrive home, she is the pack leader. If your dog jumps on your guests, she is making sure that these new arrivals also know she is in charge. What can you […]