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If you are curious who created this guide please go to the How It All Started page to learn more about my story (Pawfessor Dion, founder of The Waggin Tail Academy).

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Check out my Blog where you will find all of my dog training articles which I update daily. This is the place you will get all of my new training techniques, new technology I might of found or used that might be helpful to you, and just fresh and new content you'll want to share with your friends! Just check in everyday, we guarantee it'll be something new!

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Check out the Help My Dog Is... Tab. This is where you can find specific solutions to your problems, from your pup chewing up your shoes to  your first time taking your pup to the dog park, we have a solution. I can't say that we've covered EVERY dog problem, but we're pretty close! If  you're having a problem we don't have a solution for Bark at us.

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If your dog doesn't respond to the training articles and videos under the Help! My Dog Is... menu tab then enroll in the Waggin Tail Academy. We have courses and lessons on every dog problem you could imagine! You will get every tool and piece of advice I have ever used on any dog my entire dog training career, plus individualized help and consult sessions. I will personally watch videos of your dog problems and send back my personal steps to fix the problem.

Enrolling in the Waggin Tail Academy gives you the following:

  • Advanced Training Tips and Resources
  • Video Training
  • Personalized Trainer Advice 
  • Advanced Dog Training Courses And Lessons
  • 5 Step Process On How To Become The Pack Leader
  • And Much Much More You'll Only Find If You Sign up!

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Check out the Dog Care Tab. Here you will find all of my articles for caring for your pup. Current articles, videos, and tips from top veterinarians about how to care for your new puppy all the way up to aging dogs. Ever wondered how to clean your pups ears? Or maybe how to clean her teeth? All of this very useful information will keep your dog healthy for years to come.


Think that covers just about everything, if you have questions, Bark at us! Otherwise, I'll see you inside!