Puppy Health And Diet

General Health: Keeping you puppy fit and well is of utmost importance however there is a lot to think about. One point to keep in mind is just like humans it is much easier to stay fit and healthy than to try to get that health and fitness back once you have lost it. So […]

Spaying And Neutering

To Spay and Neuter?…YES, Definitely! It’s kind, common sense and responsible… There are so many good reasons to spay female dogs and castrate males. There are – as with so many topics – rumors and stories about neutering however the truth is, there is so many good reasons to do so and very few not […]

The Real List Of Poisonous Foods And Plants Your Pup Shouldn’t Eat

Many foods that we are able to eat and digest with no problems can cause long-lasting and sometimes fatal conditions in dogs and puppies. Many people may tell you “Oh my dog has eaten that and he’s fine” however as with many things it is the cumulative effect that will eventually poison your dog. It […]

Insecure On The Walk – (Student Question)

Dear Pawfessor Dion, I have a new Doberman named Burt. He’s a beautiful show quality dog from a long line of champions, just 12 weeks old and a wonderful dog, but when it comes to taking walks, his behavior is somewhat odd. When I leave the house he’ll walk for about a half block and […]

Start Here!

People often ask me at what age they should start puppy training. The answer is immediately! Here are some quick tips on the steps to training and maintaining an obedient and balanced dog from the start. New puppy owners often make the mistake of endlessly worrying about finding the right accessories, puppy treats, or bed. […]

How To Avoid Dog Bites

Most dog bites occur in the home. More than likely, your four-legged best friend doesn’t mean to hurt you, but might get carried away during playtime and accidentally nip you. Other dogs, especially small ones, will nip at you for attention, and puppies may use you for teething. Here are some tips for reducing the […]

How To Start Walking And Training A Puppy

You just got your new puppy a few days ago, and you’re itching to take the little guy out and show him off around the neighborhood. No big deal, right? You just need to get a leash and a collar and head out the door with him in tow. Not so fast. While it’s true […]

Cooking With The Pawfessor

Recipe ideas for quick and healthy homemade dog treats  Making your own homemade dog treats can be a fun reward for you dog. There are many benefits to making your own dog treats at home. Control what goes into the recipe. You can ensure that your pet is getting a nutritious and wholesome snack. You […]

Training Your Dog To Wear A Muzzle

One of the most humane tools that you can use to train your dog is a muzzle, because it will help to manage their behavior while protecting them, you, and others. Of course, in order to actually use a muzzle on your dog, you have to get them to accept it, and that, in itself, […]

Puppy Is Impossible To Walk- (Student Question)

We have a 13 week old Springer, and it is impossible to take him for a walk. He will not leave the yard. My husband just tried to walk him, and the puppy was so upset that he threw up! Please help. My husband eventually wants him to be a bird dog! Thank you, Kristina […]

Before You Bring Your Puppy Home

There are a number of things to think about, purchases to be made and tasks to be performed before returning home with your puppy. Here is a checklist to keep you on track, you will not need all of them! Things to have at your disposal or possibly purchase: Dog bed and bedding Outside kennel […]

How To Calm A Hyper Dog

If your dog seems hyper, or overly-excited, the problem likely stems from boredom and a lack of stimulation. So in order to address the problem, you have to assess the way you are interacting with your dog and the kind of activity your dog gets on a daily basis. Here are some simple techniques you […]

Problems Walking Your Dog?

Many people don’t take their dogs on as many dog walks as they should because they have problems keeping their dog under control. Whether it’s the dog pulling, lunging, or other dog problems, there’s hope! Here are my tips on how to walk your dog, stay in control, and make sure you have the right […]

6 Tips For Mastering The Dog Walk

Here are six dog training tips on how to walk your dog and master the dog walk. When I’m out with my dog pack, I often walk about ten dogs at a time, sometimes even off-leash if I’m in a safe area. People are amazed by this, but it’s simple: the dogs see me as […]

How To Be The Pack Leader

A dog’s mother begins training puppies from birth. She makes them wait for food; she controls when they play and how far they travel. Adult dogs need these same rules, boundaries, and limitations from you, their pack leader when dog training. Calm and assertive A pack leader doesn’t project emotional or nervous energy, so neither […]

How It All Started..

My dog training journey began 12 years ago when I adopted my first dog Bluto. Like many of my clients, my approach to training at the time was constant affection, spoiling, and absolutely no rules or leadership. This, of course, led to some pretty serious behavior problems in Bluto. He became dog-aggressive and would try […]