Student Question

How do I handle other dogs at the dog park?

I follow your advice on being a strong pack leader at the dog park. On the rare occasions that I take my dogs to the dog park, I notice humans not applying dog training discipline if their dogs get in a dog fight or potential dog fight.

If I apply dog training discipline to one of my dogs, but the other human doesn't, that makes it look like it was totally my fault. I've never said anything to the other person, but it seems unfair that my dog gets a training correction or consequence, and the other dog doesn't.

Dog park problems solved

When my rat terrier puppy first started going to the dog park, he had an incredible fascination with watching other dogs urinate. So much so that he'd stand there mesmerized as they peed and would return from playing with a yellow-stained head. It took Rocky about six times of getting peed on before he realized that he should probably give urinating dogs space to do their business.

Student Question

Dog not playing nice

How do I stop my one year old pit bull from being so rough while playing with other dogs? He is a gentle dog but very strong and has drawn blood of another dog from simply playing. He likes to grab the saggy jowls of his boxer friend. He hasn't bitten people so far, however I would like to stop the biting altogether is that possible?

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