Beware: Super Lice Spreads Throughout The US

It’s something of which every parent should now be aware: “super lice” have officially taken over 25 states, and experts say they’ve built up an immunity to the traditional forms of treatment. How terrifying is this?!

There are now cases of this super-strain of lice in more than half of the country — and the fact they can’t be killed with over-the-counter chemicals has parents everywhere freaking out. The treatment that used to work 100 percent of the time back in 2013 now only works on a quarter of the cases. Even hair stylists are now finding them in older clients! According to Everyday Health, “Head lice can pass from person to person when people share personal items such as combs, towels, clothing, hats, and hairbrushes. Lice are not spread by dogs, cats, or other pets. Because lice cannot jump or fly, they crawl from one person to another, using their claws to grab onto hair.”

Picking and combing is time-consuming, and it’s not a completely proven way to rid a scalp of these pesky critters. Because of this super strain, many families are now turning to lice clinics and/or a new prescription medication called Airallé, which is FDA-approved, costs $170 and may be covered by health insurance. However, doctors say that prevention is always the best defense. If you have children, talk to them about the dangers of sharing things like combs, pillows and hats. Also, make sure to educate yourself about the dangers and warning signs of lice, like persistent itching and irritated scalp. You can detect lice by creating a vertical part in the nape area of the neck and closely inspecting with a fine-toothed comb.

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