Pack Leadership Technique 2: Provide exercise, discipline, affection

A balanced dog is one that is fulfilled in all three aspects of its being: body, mind, and heart. In nature, dogs instinctively find that balance. When dogs live in the human world, however, it’s up to us to ensure that they get that balance. Humans and dogs both have instinctual, intellectual and emotional dimensions. […]

Be the pack leader

Dogs are social pack animals with a leader and followers. In the wild, most dogs are followers, but if they don’t have a leader to follow, a dog ‘ or dogs ‘ will attempt to take control of the situation. The lack of strong leadership leaves the dogs in an unbalanced mental state, and they […]

10 signs that you are not yet a pack leader

Having a dog is a wonderful experience, but in order to have the best possible relationship with your dog, you need to establish yourself as the Pack Leader. From the moment they’re born, puppies look to their mothers for guidance and training. But once that puppy or adult dog joins your family, the Pack Leader […]

Jump for joy

You’ve probably heard the expression “jump for joy.” While it’s usually not literal for humans, it’s a pretty good description of someone’s emotional state when they’re very happy. To jump implies moving upward, and human happiness can definitely elevate our mood. But, despite the expression, real happiness in humans is exhibited by an inner calmness […]

5 tips for building boundaries

It’s important to give a dog rules, boundaries, and limitations. In other words, our dogs need to know what they can do, where they can do it, and for how long. In this article, we’re going to focus on boundaries: teaching your dog where they are and are not allowed to go. Establishing boundaries can […]

How to be calm and assertive

Dogs use constant energy to communicate.Dogs don’t know each other by name, but by the energy they project and the activities they share. They know humans in the same way. As humans, we too are communicating with energy – whether we realize it or not. And, though we may attempt to persuade, explain, and rationalize […]

How to handle a territorial dog

Dear Pawfessor, I would like to know how to properly handle a situation in which a territorial dog came after me when I was walking in my neighborhood. This situation arose yesterday when my cousin and I were walking. A dog who is usually confined behind a fence suddenly charged across the yard at us. […]

How To Be The Pack Leader

A dog’s mother begins training puppies from birth. She makes them wait for food; she controls when they play and how far they travel. Adult dogs need these same rules, boundaries, and limitations from you, their pack leader when dog training. Calm and assertive A pack leader doesn’t project emotional or nervous energy, so neither […]