Natural Dog Law 4: A dog’s senses form his reality.

Humans and dogs experience the world through a very different combination of senses. To most humans, sight is the most important sense, followed by touch, sound, and smell. For dogs, the order is smell, sight, sound, and then touch, with a dog’s sense of smell being by far the most important. The easy way to […]

Natural Dog Law 3: Dogs are animal, species, breed and name

We humans think of ourselves in a way that dogs would see as exactly backwards. To us, the most important thing is our name. It’s how we sign documents, how we introduce ourselves, and how we know other people. Next, we focus on ‘breed,’ which for humans is a group identifier like race, religion, or […]

Veteran dogs suffering from PTSD

Like their human counterparts, the dogs of war also undergo rehabilitation for their scars. While having risked their own lives and bearing witness to the casualties of war, many of the returning dogs from Iraq have been diagnosed and treated for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Dogs have been increasingly used in military conflicts. Because of […]

Take your dog to work

Look who’s bringing dogs to work! Recent research seems to confirm what dog owners have known all along — that dogs in the workplace can lower stress and absenteeism while increasing employee productivity. Companies are beginning to take note. The benefits of having dogs at work have become so widespread that, for an increasing number […]

Natural Dog Law 5: Dogs are social pack animals.

As descendants of wolves, dogs are instinctual pack animals. They instinctually seek to join whatever pack is nearby. This explains why dogs can get along so well with so many other animals, especially other pack or herd animals like horses, cows, and sheep. There’s even at least one case of a dog and elephant becoming […]

5 Halloween dangers for your dog

There are some scary Halloween dangers for your dog that you need to watch out for. 1) Halloween candy can be toxic to your dog Don’t let your dog eat Halloween candy. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and tin foil and cellophane wrappers can be hazardous if swallowed. Seal your child’s stash and keep out […]

5 Ways To Tell Your Dogs You Love Them In Their Own Language

Pup parents know that our dogs love us deeply, even though they do not express it in the same manner as humans do. Recently, behavioral research saddened dog lovers when it showed that most dogs don’t like to be hugged. That’s not to say that our pups don’t enjoy receiving affection; they live for our love […]

Montreal Law Enforces Death Sentence For City’s Pit Bulls

On Tuesday, September 27, 2016, Montreal passed legislation to ban all pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs from their city. Legislators voted 37 to 23 in favor of breed-specific legislation. This has outlawed all dogs that resemble pit bulls unless their owners meet strict terms and conditions. The owners of these dogs must undergo a […]

How to find the right in-home dog boarding host

By Michael Barmish So you’ve planned your dream vacation and you’ve made your checklist. Plane tickets? Check. Hotel booked? Check. Packing list? Check. Mail on hold? Oops, forgot that one — good thing we’re here. And for your pup, you’ve opted to go forgo the kennels and don’t quite trust your in-laws (we’ll never tell). […]

Outdoor exercise ideas for you and your dog

Summer is just a few days away. Now is a great time to focus on the “Exercise” part of the fulfillment formula! Try new activities, visit a new location, and enjoy the sunshine and your dog’s companionship. No matter what physical activity you engage in, it is important to watch for signs of dehydration: lethargy, […]

The 10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

#1 – Labrador Retriever No surprise, this breed is known for its sweet, loving disposition. No wonder they make sure great service dogs. #2 – Golden Retriever Also known for its loving nature, the golden retriever is commonly used for therapy work due its friendly attitude toward everyone, even strangers. #3 – Bedlington Terrier While […]

The Real List Of Poisonous Foods And Plants Your Pup Shouldn’t Eat

Many foods that we are able to eat and digest with no problems can cause long-lasting and sometimes fatal conditions in dogs and puppies. Many people may tell you “Oh my dog has eaten that and he’s fine” however as with many things it is the cumulative effect that will eventually poison your dog. It […]

How It All Started..

My dog training journey began 12 years ago when I adopted my first dog Bluto. Like many of my clients, my approach to training at the time was constant affection, spoiling, and absolutely no rules or leadership. This, of course, led to some pretty serious behavior problems in Bluto. He became dog-aggressive and would try […]